Western Victoria Region Legislative Council Candidates 2018

I need fill in some boxes on the Western Victoria Region ballot for the Legislative Council (aka the upper house/senate) but as usual, I have no idea what most of the people running stand for. I took a brief look at each party’s website, just to get a feel of how I will distribute my votes. Figured I may as well share it as I’m sure others are in the same position!

Australian Country Party – few dog whistles re: safe schools, mandatory sentencing. General country people issues like farming, water & regional development.

Hudson 4 NV – no policies on website. Claims to focus on issues relevant to Northern Victoria, I fill in the Western Victorian ballot, so why would I bother voting for these clowns?

Sustainable Australia – pack of NIMBYs, but nothing that disturbing in their policies related to state government. Federally want to limit immigration to ~70,000 immigrants a year, a huge drop from current levels.

Australian Liberty Alliance – the words “Stop the Islamisation of Australia” and “Advancing the Natural Family” in their policies tells me all I need to know

Labour DLP – don’t support same sex marriage, don’t support voluntary euthanasia and don’t support a woman’s right to abortion

Aussie Battler Party – the scant list of policies sounds more like a rant than a coherent plan for anything, but there’s nothing obviously evil hidden in there

Health Australia Party – want the successful “no jab, no play” law repealed, want fluoride removed from water, want more kids home schooled, thinks there’s major corruption in medical research and that natural medicine is “under attack”

Victorian Socialists – a self-declared manifesto that will be music to ears of any proper lefty, but some weird stuff in it like freezing price increases on private rentals that seems practically unworkable

Liberal Democrats – the party of federal Senator David Leyonhjelm. The western vic candidate Lachlan Christie’s biggest issue according to his Facebook page is preventing new national parks

Animal Justice Party – big on animal rights, have a dietary policy that will “inspire people people to change” (aka brain wash us to be vegans), follow the Greens on pretty much everything else

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party – at state level, their main concern is stronger prison sentences, reforming the bail & parole systems, harsher domestic violence punishments and a public register of sex offenders

Transport Matters Party – started by two pissed off hire car drivers. The public transport stuff looks like a smoke screen for their pet issue of taxi/hire car reform (aka fuck you Uber)

Shooters, Fishers & Farmers – more people who want to drive their 4WDs, fish and camp anywhere they like. Takes money from SIFA, Australia’s weaker version of the NRA

Fiona Patten’s Reason Party – lots of lefty things, Fiona is already in the Vic upper house and was active in getting assisted dying laws, a drug reform inquiry, ridesharing legislation and the Richmond supervised injecting room

Voluntary Euthanasia Party – Victoria already has an assisted dying law, so the VEP’s goals is to protect that and expand access to medical cannabis

Karl Jozef Pongracichis Facebook page (no website) lists some very basic desires like improving education, better infrastructure and lowering the cost of living. Not much deep thought going on here