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Samsung Portable SSD T5 – PCPP advertorial


CPUs, graphics cards and RAM are faster than ever. Are you still using a slow piece of spinning metal to game and create content? Get with the times and unleash a new experience in external storage with the Samsung Portable SSD T5. It’s the same high quality Samsung V-NAND flash memory SSDs you know and love in your desktops and laptops, but in a speedy USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface and gorgeous brushed aluminium external enclosure.

Running out of space on your sweet gaming laptop rig? Just plug in a 2TB Samsung Portable SSD T5 and boom, loads of storage for all your favourite Steam titles. Want to upgrade to an SSD but can’t crack your laptop open to change the drive? Get the Samsung Portable SSD T5 and you’ve got desktop grade speed and performance on the go.

Exactly how fast is the Samsung Portable SSD T5? It blazes away up to 540 MB/sec! Good luck finding a portable HDD that can get even close to that! The built-in USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) port means those speeds are really attainable too – there’s no legacy technology holding you back. What’s all that speed good for in an external drive anyways?

Picture this: all your buddies are waiting for you to show up for your regular gaming session, but you were late and your raggedy HDD is still crunching away, taking ages to load the game. If you had a Samsung Portable SSD T5, well, you’d have been dumped into the game almost instantly, ready to play your best – not bummed out you had to keep your friends waiting while your sad rig was loading up your favourite game.

Take your video editing to another level with the Samsung Portable SSD T5. Compile a hot react vid, whip up an updated highlight reel of your Twitch stream and create a viral unboxing video of the latest tech in record time thanks to the incredible performance of the Samsung Portable SSD T5. Rendering to 4K, loading clip thumbnails and browsing through still assets are all instant – the Samsung Portable SSD T5 is practically lag free. Edit video without limits!

One of the best features of using an SSD as external storage is the lack of moving parts. Hard drives are fragile, mechanical devices with sensitive motors, finely balanced platters and calibrated arms – none of which exist on an SSD. An SSD is just chips soldered on to a board and placed into a case. The Samsung Portable SSD T5 has no moving parts and a sturdy metal body, so it can handle drops of up to 2 meters.

Knocks, bumps and drops are part of life on the move and the hustle and bustle of every day commuting is of no concern with a hardy Samsung Portable SSD T5 compared to a fragile hard drive.

If you’re a road warrior that loves to create or just a regular commuter who wants to game on the go, you know that every gram you can remove from your bag is literally, a weigh off your shoulders. Not only is the T5 fast and robust, but it is tiny! Smaller than the average business card, weighing just 51 grams, and only 10.5 mm thick. Without a doubt, the Samsung Portable SSD T5 a lightweight option with a massive 2TB of storage capacity.

Fast, sleek, solid, secure and ready – the Samsung Portable SSD T5 is a must have for anyone serious about gaming on the go and creating content without stuttering, waiting or lag holding you back.