iSelect NBN – Part 2


iSelect NBN – Part 2


Now that the NBN has rocked up to your joint, it’s time to pick a plan! But which one? There’s so many to choose from, with different speeds, different data limits and a sprinkling of value added inclusions. Well, that’s where iSelect comes into play, sorting the wheat from the chaff and turning what can be a confusing experience into a piece of cake.

The first step in picking an NBN plan is the speed. There’s multiple speed tiers available on the NBN and they are denoted with the first number as the maximum download speed and the second number the upload speed. For example, 12/1 – this means the connection will have a maximum of 12 megabits per second download speed and 1 megabit per second upload. The other speed tiers are 25/5, 50/20 and 100/40. The faster you go, the more you pay.

If you’re content with your current ADSL speeds, 25/5 is probably enough for you. If anything, 25/5 will be faster than most ADSL 2+ connections. But if you’ve got a house full of multiple people using the Internet at the same time, like to stream high definition video and upload lots of content to the cloud, consider 50/20 or even better, 100/40 speeds.

iSelect lets you compare NBN plans by speed and price, from all the top NBN providers, so you get the best deal on your Internet service. Having all the NBN speed tiers side-by-side, on a single page, makes finding a deal incredibly easy.

Now that speed is sorted, what about data limits? There’s unlimited, but do you really need to spend all that money on unlimited data, when really, you may only use a few hundred gigabytes? If you already have an Internet connection, it’s worth checking with your ISP’s control panel to see how much data you use per month. This is a great guide for estimating bandwidth.

If you don’t know how much bandwidth you use, that’s okay – iSelect’s easy to use questionnaire sorts plans into four categories: basic (email & web browsing), low (online shopping & online banking), medium (social media, downloading, gaming, streaming) and high (working from home, online education, Skype/VOIP). Pick the category you fall into and iSelect will guide you through the process.

If you can’t let go of your landline phone (hello Grandpa!), most ISPs can bundle in a landline service for an additional fee. This isn’t standard practice, so if you do want to keep your landline phone number, make sure you pick a plan that includes a phone service and ensure you tell the ISP you wish to keep your number, otherwise, you will be issued a new number and your old one will be lost!

When looking for NBN plans, it’s not always clear if calls are included, but luckily for us, iSelect have an option to include NBN plans that bundle in a home phone and outlines what sort of calls are included – local, international and mobiles. iSelect even lets you pick out plans with bundled entertainment services!A few ISPs take advantage of the NBN’s increased speed to offer you streaming services such as Fetch TV or Foxtel Now. Some ISPs even have some streaming services “data free”, which means you can watch all the Netflix or Stan you want, without the data those services you counting towards your monthly limit. If you love to binge watch TV shows, this could save you a stack of cash.

iSelect make sifting through all these options easy. Simply visit and use iSelect’s straightforward options to filter through the hundreds of NBN plans available in your area. Save time and money whilst choosing the best plan for you.