iSelect NBN – Part 1


iSelect NBN – Part 1

[BODY]iSelect makes comparing NBN plans a piece of cake. No longer do you need to wade through each NBN provider’s website, take notes and then compare them all yourself. iSelect does all that hard work for you!

Starting out with NBN is easy, just go to and pop in your postcode. Not all NBN plans service all areas, so iSelect helpfully removes ISPs that don’t service your area, from your personalised shortlist.

Once you’ve entered your location, the famous iSelect questionnaire begins. Your answers to these questions determine what ISPs and plans iSelect will choose for you, so answer wisely! Luckily, you have this handy guide to help you through the process.

Question 1 – What is the most important feature to you?

Everyone has different priorities here. Some people just want the cheapest, so price is important to them. Others need loads of data and some are keen for quality and reliability and are happy to pay a little extra for it. If you’re unsure of your priorities this early on, that’s cool too, just let iSelect know!

Question 2 – What type of household do you live in?

The more people in a house the faster an internet connection you need. A single person living alone doesn’t necessarily need a blazing fast speed tier as someone with four or five or even more people in their home.

For example, one person using Netflix uses a few megabits per second, but if you suddenly have four people using Netflix at once, well, you’ll need four times the bandwidth or your connection will slow down when everyone’s trying to watch Netflix at once!

Question 3 – How does your household intend to use the internet?

This question predominately relates to the download limit you require for your NBN plan.

A basic level of usage is just sending a few emails and light web browsing. Someone who doesn’t use the Internet much. If you use your Internet connection for a bit of online shopping and online banking, you’re probably in the low level of usage. You aren’t a net addict, but you do use it a little every now and then.

Medium and high usage levels both include social media use, streaming TV shows and movies, downloading files (apps, game demos, etc.) and gaming. Applications such as Skype or VOIP, as well as many online education courses and those working from home would be in the higher end of data usage.

If you already have an Internet connection, it’s worth checking with your ISP’s control panel to see how much data you use per month. This is a great guide for estimating bandwidth.

Question 4 – Are you interested in any additional products with your broadband purchase?

NBN plans can also have additional extras added on that you may find useful. If you need a landline phone, iSelect will show you plans with bundled phone service and things like national call rates, mobile rates and even discounted international call rates. If you want to, bundle in a mobile phone and pay TV/streaming services to save money!

From here on, it’s just a matter of answering the obvious questions (month to month or contract? Do you own your house? Are you moving?) and press the magic button to get your awesome iSelect NBN deal.

Sometimes it’s nice to talk to a person about this stuff, so if you need a little extra help understanding the jargon, just call 13 19 20 and iSelect’s friendly deal finders will guide you through the process and get you all set up on the NBN.