I spent $110 to get one subscriber to The Sizzle

I ran some Twitter ads from the 11th of March to the 16th of May. Here are the ads:

All up the ads had around 115,000 impressions and generated 19 leads. I spent $110.54 to Twitter to display them.

Going by Mailchimp’s signup source, I actually had 22 leads, not 19 as Twitter’s stats reported. A lead is where someone clicked that “subscribe now” button within the Tweet and Twitter gave Mailchimp that user’s email address and Mailchimp added them to my Free Trial list.

Out of the 23 people who signed up for the trial, only 1 person ended up as a paid subcriber. I basically paid $110.54 to snag one subscriber. It’ll take 24 months for that subscriber to be profitable for me.

Thought you might find that interesting.

Maybe you’d also find the Sizzle interesting, sign up here: http://thesizzle.com.au