Fujitsu Stylistic V727 Tablet


Fujitsu Stylistic V727 Tablet


Boring, but competent and solid Windows 10 tablet

Price: $TBA



[SPECS]Intel Core 7Y CPU, 8GB RAM, SATA III SSD, 12.3-inch multi-touch 1080p IPS display, microSD card reader, USB 3.1, USB 2.0, USB Type-C, optional LTE modem, 770g (without keyboard case)


Windows tablets very common these days, with almost every large OEM selling a variant of this popular form factor. The new Stylistic V727 is Fujitsu’s take on the tablet-that-can-also-work-as-a-laptop design.

Intel’s versatile and low powered Core 7Y CPUs are the heart of the Stylistic V727. This CPU selection is ideal for a tablet because power usage is low, allowing 10 hours of battery life and fanless operation. The downside is relatively low performance. That said, the Core 7Y range is more than adequate for web browsing and basic office application work.

The 12.3-inch IPS, 1080p multitouch display is crisp and bright, with a finger friendly matte finish that works well outdoors. Included is a Wacom AES pen that is extremely accurate with multi-touch display’s 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity. Rounding out the hardware package is up to 8GB of RAM, a selection of SATA SSDs up to 1TB, optional built-in LTE modem, microSD slot, front and rear cameras, 3x USB ports (1x USB-C) and optional fingerprint or smartcard readers.

The Stylistic V727 is a very business-like black, magnesium allow rectangle. The included keyboard cover magnetically attaches to the tablet and also gives off a professional image, covered in a faux-leather trim and elastic strap. Whilst the keyboard and trackpad are great to use, the case is disappointingly fiddly to set up at the right angle and often slips out of its groove, slamming the tablet on the table.

Fujitsu’s main competitor here is the popular Microsoft Surface Pro. On paper they’re very similar with almost identical size and weight and optional LTE modems, but the Surface Pro has faster SSDs, up to 16GB of RAM, higher resolution display, faster CPU options with a superior range of higher quality accessories. Taking that into consideration, it’s tough to recommend the Fujitsu Stylistic V727 over the Surface Pro unless you really need those smartcard & fingerprint reader options.