Fujitsu Lifebook advertorial


Fujitsu Lifebook advertorial[BODY]

Fujitsu is delighted to announce an updated range of Lifebook Notebooks and 2-in-1 tablets featuring Intel’s latest 8th generation processors. All of the 10 models available adhere to Fujitsu’s core product values:

Reliability – Japanese and German factories and stringent testing processes result in system quality, expertise and excellence.

Green – by making sure 95% of each product is recyclable, it is possible to achieve harmony with business and the environment.

Human Centric – Fujitsu strives to create devices that are ergonomic and user orientated

Innovation – the world’s first notebook with an embedded touchpad and embedding 3G/4G radios demonstrates Fujitsu’s long history of innovation

By combining these core values and Intel’s low power, high performance processors based on the new 8th-generation Core architecture, Fujitsu has a device to suit a variety of needs.

LIFEBOOK E548 & E558

The Lifebook E548 & E558 are designed for office workers needing a machine that’s fully equipped. The E548 features a 14-inch HD or Full HD screen and the E558 a 15.6-inch HD or Full HD screen. Starting at 23.9mm thick and 1.79kg, the E548 & E558 have a full set of ports, including HDMI, VGA, LAN and USB Type-C. A new integrated area fingerprint sensor, built-in SmartCard reader and TPM 2.0 ensure reliable security. A shared family port replicator with the Lifebook U7 family ensures flexibility and sharing across your workplace.


This ultra-portable 2-in-1 has a day-long battery that can handle design and illustration-based applications with ease. A 360-degree, 12.5-inch folding screen creates four distinct working modes. Weighing in at just 1.2kg, the P728 offers the freedom you need as well as ultimate portability. Charge the P728 over USB Type-C to 80% in under 1 hour. Integrated PalmSecure vein authentication technology provides unmatched security for your enterprise data.


Flexible functionality is the S938’s focus, thanks to a modular bay that can accommodate a second hard disk drive, Blu-ray drive, DVD burner or a second battery that can provide a total of 21 hours of power off a single charge. The 13.3-inch screen comes in two resolutions – a crystal clear 2560×1440 WQHD option or a Full HD IGZO display with anti-glare or touch-screen options. Exceptionally lightweight at 1.19kg thanks to a sturdy magnesium housing and aluminium palm rest. Optional 4G/LTE and NFC connectivity round out the package.


The Lifebook U938 redefines the ultrabook category by combining all-day battery life, a full set of ports and quad-core performance into a 15.5mmm slim magnesium chassis that weighs only 920 grams. An anti-glare 13.3-inch Full HD display is also available with touch capabilities. Despite the lightweight chassis, the U938 includes up to 20GB of DDR4 RAM, an integrated palm vein sensor and SmartCard reader, making it the perfect companion for frequent business trips.


A bi-directional, rotatable, Full HD 13.3-inch display is the centrepiece of the Lifebook T938 2-in-1 tablet. A 5MP rear camera and pen and touch support meet the dynamic meeds of today’s mobile professionals. Optional 4G/LTE radio, a fast charging user-exchangeable battery and various SSD options make you available any time and makes your life easy. A backlit keyboard and optional port replicator are the icing on the cake for this versatile machine.

LIFEBOOK U728, U748 & U758

The Lifebook U728 (12.5-inch, 1.11kg), U748 (14-inch, 1.49kg) and U758 (15.6-inch, 1.74kg) notebooks are perfect for the workforce that needs a laptop for every situation, but also wants to reap the benefits platform standardisation brings like cross-compatible port replicators, AC adapters, keyboard layouts, BIOS and bit images. Easy access to key components like battery, memory, internal storage and connectivity enables quick repairs and reduced downtime.


This 2-in-1 tablet notebook is highly durable, with reinforced corners and MIL-STD testing to meet the demands of today’s mobile professionals. The 13.3-inch full HD anti-glare display supports touch and pen input, supporting 4K pressure levels thanks to a Wacom Digitiser. At a feather light 780 grams for the tablet and 10.5 hours of battery offers the ultimate in portability.

Fujitsu’s core values are on display with the entire range of Lifebook Notebook and 2-in-1 tablets featuring 8th-generation Intel processors.

Reliability means less downtime and money spent on repairs. As a result of human-centric design, users get features like modular bays that enable longer battery life and are provided all the ports they need to get the job done. Break through developments PalmSecure and EraseDisk exemplify Fujitsu’s innovation values. On top of all that Fujitsu is green and cares for the environment by not using mercury of halogen in the manufacturing process, as well as reusing plastics to make new parts.

For more information on the new Lifebook range, visit Fujitsu Australia’s website.