Fujitsu Lifebook U937 Advertorial


Fujitsu Lifebook U937 Advertorial


As far back as 1954, Fujitsu was one of the first ever computer manufacturers, producing the FACOM 100, FACOM 128 and FACOM 138a for various Japanese government departments. Some of those room-sized computers are still kicking on today in museums, making them some of the world’s oldest and fully functional computers.

Fast forward sixty-three years to 2017 and Fujitsu are the world’s second longest running computer manufacturer, still producing high quality Japanese computers. This longevity in such a competitive market comes from Fujitsu’s four core values:

Reliability – Japanese and German factories full of expertise and excellence for minimal downtime and failure rates.

Human Centricity – ergonomic machines with features that are user-oriented and configurable to individual needs.

Green – producing environmentally friendly products and components that are 95% recyclable.

Innovation – being first to market with unique intellectual property, such as the first laptops with embedded 3G and 4G.

The latest example of Fujitsu’s core values is the Lifebook U937 – the world’s lightest 13-inch notebook. Thin and light, with no compromises in durability or performance. Even in its heaviest form, fully decked out, the U937 weighs less than 1kg.

The Lifebook U937 is packed full of high end specs and innovative features:

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional pre-installed.

A range of 7th Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors with vPro.

M.2 PCIe-SSDs for huge bandwidth to process data faster.

Up to 20GB of DDR4 memory (4GB embedded & spare SO-DIMM slot that can handle up to 16GB).

An outstanding ultra-slim and robust design, starting at a svelte 779 grams with a strong magnesium aluminium housing.

Top security built in thanks to an embedded palm vein or fingerprint sensor, SmartCard reader and TPM 2.0 support.

All-day battery runtime, anytime USB charging port and optional embedded 4G/LTE for constant connectivity.

Crisp and rich 13.3-inch 1080p IGZO IPS display with anti-glare non-touch panel or glare touch panel option.

No port left behind with full-sized HDMI, full-sized LAN, USB Type-C, 802.11ac WLAN and Bluetooth 4.2

Did we mention this is all contained in a super slim chassis starting at 779 grams?

The Lifebook U937 takes full advantage of all of Windows 10’s latest features. Enjoy peace of mind from all the vulnerabilities and hackers online, with Windows Defender Security Centre – a robust suite of security features that keeps you safe for the supported lifetime of your Lifebook U937. Windows Defender Security Centre includes not only just free, built-in and comprehensive anti-virus, but also ransomware protection thanks to Controlled Folder Access, so valuable data and documents are protected from ever increasing and severe ransomware attacks.

Thanks to TPM 2.0 support in the Lifebook U937, you can take full advantage of Microsoft’s Bitlocker full disk encryption that is part of Windows 10 Professional. This ensures nobody can take the SSD out of the laptop and snoop around your precious data if the laptop is lost or stolen. A must have for anyone working on the road.

Educators know how abusive a school environment can be for a laptop. When kids are involved, disasters happen! Luckily for stressed network administrators, the Fujitsu Lifebook U937 is fully field serviceable. No need to incur further downtime by sending laptops away for repair.

The sturdy magnesium lid and aluminium palm rest can take a beating, yet remain light as to not weigh down the backpacks of young children. A spill resistant keyboard avoids permanent damage from inevitable accidents from active and careless kids.

Businesses will appreciate the slew of innovative features Fujitsu has packed inside the incredibly thin chassis of the Lifebook U937.

Amazingly, they managed to get a full-sized RJ-45 Ethernet socket on a 15.5mm thick computer! This amazing piece of engineering inspired by origami allows a slide out and pop up Ethernet port that allows full gigabit speeds when Wi-Fi isn’t always available. No other laptop light and thin has a full-sized Ethernet port at its disposal.

Fujitsu’s PalmSecure vein scanner built right into the palm rest of the Lifebook U937 is a unique and secure way for users to authenticate. Because veins are hidden under the skin, forgery is incredibly difficult. They’re also much more reliable and produce less false positives than fingerprints due to the 5 million reference points in a hand and scans aren’t impacted by creamy hands, skin scratches or cold temperatures. False Acceptance Rates (FAR) are under 0.0008% and False Rejection Rates are under 0.01% for PlamSecure, compared to 0.001% FAR and 0.1% for fingerprints.

With the embedded PalmSecure sensor and SmartCard reader for enhanced security, built in LTE modem for always available connectivity and full-sized Ethernet for versatility, the Lifebook U937 is a perfect example of Fujitsu’s core Innovation values.

The Lifebook U937 is available now, in multiple configurations from the following resellers:

ASI Solutions – 1300 732 930,

CompNow – 02 9951 7979,

Harvey Norman Business & Education/MAC1 – 1300 781 865,