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Learn how to improve your Wi-Fi at Upgrade Australia with Asus[BODY]

Despite Wi-Fi appearing to work like magic, smooth, reliable and fast Wi-Fi throughout a home can be a challenge to obtain. At Upgrade Australia, you’ll be able to see how Asus has all the gear necessary to make slow Wi-Fi a thing of the past.

Placing the Wi-Fi router in the appropriate area in your home or office is crucial to achieving a reliable network. Ideally, the router should be placed in the centre of the home, as the antennas on Wi-Fi routers are omni-directional, meaning they radiate in a circular pattern.

The furniture and construction of the building can make a significant difference too. For example, metal filing cabinets interfere with Wi-Fi signal and materials such as bricks, concrete and thick glass block signal. A home made from concrete blocks or double brick will severely impede wireless signal compared to wood and plasterboard.

The Asus RT-AC5300 is the ideal router to form the core of your Wi-Fi network. With a four-transmit, four-receive (4T4R) antenna design, both Wi-Fi range and signal stability improve dramatically. AiRadar beamforming focuses the Wi-Fi signal on your devices, making your Wi-Fi faster.

If placing a Wi-Fi router in the right spot isn’t an option or even the strongest of routers just doesn’t have enough range, there’s still hope! A Wi-Fi range extender such as the Asus RP-AC68U takes the existing wireless signal from a router and repeats it further so devices on the edge of your home or office no longer struggle to connect. Ethernet ports on the RP-AC68U let you connect non-mobile items, such as game consoles, smart TVs and desktop computers with a cable, then using the bridging feature, wirelessly connect to the existing network.

Mesh Wi-Fi products like the Asus Lyra are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to blanket a home in Wi-Fi just by placing a few small access points (also called nodes) in your home. With mesh Wi-Fi, each node has a dedicated backhaul radio, so the nodes don’t compete with end user devices such as tablets and smartphones for bandwidth. The mesh network acts as one big network, creating a single Wi-Fi SSID for your entire home, rather than a collection of extended networks. Devices can automatically roam to whichever access point is closest – no more lost Wi-Fi as you move through your home or office!

There’s no point in having a strong signal if the router lacks features you need. For home users, two things are important – connectivity and throughput. Technology such as multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output (MU-MIMO), substantially decreases the time each end user device must wait for a signal and dramatically speeds up your network. The stylish Asus Blue Cave supports 802.11ac speeds up to 1734 Mbps, which when combined with MIMO, provides plenty of performance for most home users in large homes.

Gamers will love the GT-AC5300, Asus’s flagship router designed from the ground up for low pings. The GT-AC5300 has two LAN ports optimised for gaming. Traffic on these ports is given top priority, so your gaming devices always get priority over other traffic. Game Boost analyses network traffic, detects online gaming and gives it priority too. The GT-AC5300 even has a dedicated 5GHz gaming radio, separate to a 2.4Ghz and 5GHz radio, so other wireless devices don’t clog things up for you.

For business users, the BRT-AC828 provides enterprise level networking features and support for up to 250 simultaneous client connections thanks to MU-MIMO. The BRT-AC828 can create a free Wi-Fi portal, allowing your business to offer internet access in return for subscribing to an email newsletter or social media activity. Other features such as link aggregation (both LAN and WAN) and advanced security features like AiProtection, VLANs, and a hardware cryptography engine.

These excellent Asus Wi-Fi products will be on display at Upgrade Australia, as well as the Asus team who will be delighted to discuss how their industry leading products can take your wireless network to the next level.